TIPAS VPN, the best protection of Internet privacy

Different from traditional VPNs, TIPAS VPN uses a P2P network and provides end-to-end encryption technology to maximize user privacy. The TIPAS server itself cannot know the user's personal information and browsing content.

Except for yourself, no device on the entire Internet knows both your source IP address and your destination IP address.

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The company focuses on network security and specializes in high-quality VPN products. Our dedicated team is passionate about researching and developing P2P and VPN technology to ensure customers' network security and privacy. Our VPN products offer secure and anonymous connections, advanced encryption technology, user-friendly interfaces, and reliable network connections. We prioritize comprehensive customer support and after-sales service to deliver top-notch network security solutions for safeguarding online privacy and data security.


In response to the growing significance of privacy and information freedom in the digital era, our company is dedicated to creating a global, fast, and reliable P2P network. This network aims to ensure secure, private, and anonymous transmission of data for users. It allows individuals to freely access and share information online, regardless of politically sensitive or censorship-prone environments. Our network prioritizes protecting personal privacy and data security, allowing everyone to express themselves, share, and access information in the digital world without fear. Our P2P network also provides the best protection for your business secrets.



The standard plan is high-speed and stable, providing you with the best service within your budget.



Faced with dozens of old and new proxies and VPN tools, hundreds of VPN companies up and down and overwhelming advertising, TIPAS VPN is your best choice.

innovative technology

TIPAS VPN combines the respective advantages of traditional VPN, proxy and Tor, and deploys a high-speed and stable P2P network around the world. The end-to-end encryption of multi-level servers ensures true anonymity. The easy-to-use client provides you with a private and secure information transmission channel with a one-click connection.

Excellent customer service

Our customer service staff are not only familiar with TIPAS products, but also have rich professional knowledge in the security field. They can not only patiently solve problems that arise during the use of TIPAS, but also answer broader questions about network security.

"Satisfaction Guaranteed" is our promise to our customers.

worthy of trust

Except for the TIPAS client, no device on the entire Internet knows both your source IP address and destination IP address due to our P2P network and end-to-end encryption.

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Your product is really good. I've used various VPNs, and yours is undoubtedly the best.

Anonymous user

It's very user-friendly, stable, and fast. Keep up the good work! The data transfer rate is high, much better than other VPN platforms. Impressive performance.

Anonymous user

I've been connected for 8 hours, and the game is running smoothly without any drops. 'What about watching YouTube?' Well, the streaming quality is excellent, no issues while watching live broadcasts.

Anonymous user

"I used to use a certain VPN, but I discovered it had DNS leakage issues (in fact, many VPNs have this problem), so I never dared to leave comments on sensitive websites. But ever since I found your VPN, I've been confidently 'making appearances.' It can be said that discovering your VPN has been the biggest reward for my years of browsing this website!" (Comment left by a user on another website)

Anonymous user